Do you have questions about covid-19? Call National health services in Norway: 815 55 015 (press 9 for English menu)

They speak English, Polish, Arabic, Somali and Urdu.

Coronavirus self-test

Children and youth can test themselves for covid-19. If they have a negative test they can go to school/kindergarten and do activities with friends. But they can`t have any symptoms.

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Press conferences, news and press releases, and information from the Government in several languages:

The coronavirus situation

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Information videos - why do we vaccinate?

Here are videos in different languages about why we vaccinate. The following videoes are produced in june 2021. The languages are: Tigrinja, Arabic, Turkish, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Polish, Pashto, English, Farsi, French, Dari and Kurdish.

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The latest press conference, August 13th 2021 in different languages:

Arabisk – معلومات عن فیروس کورونا بلغات أخری | Press conferense 

Dari: معلومات در مورد ویروس کرونا به زبانهای دیگر | Press conference

English - Corona information in other languages | Press conference

Polsk – Informacje na temat koronawirusa w innych językach | Press conference

Russisk – Информация о коронавирусе на других языках | Press conference

Somali – Warbixinta koroonaha oo luuqado kale ku qoran | Press conference

Tigrinja – ሓበሬታታት ኮሮና ብካልኦት ቋንቋታት | Press conference

Tyrkisk - Diğer dillerde korona ile ilgili bilgiler | Press conference

Urdu – یگر زبانوں میں کورونا کے بارے میں معلومات | Press conference

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