Culture, sports and leisure

Culture and sports give us great experiences every single day! Together with the volunteers, we work to make the activities on Askøy attractive to even more people.
Our motto is "Where dreams get wings!"

Kultursalen Kipo is Askøy's new main hall and is intended for larger concerts, performances, courses and conferences.

Here, volunteers, businesses and private individuals can market their events and find teams and associations on Askøy

Should you carry out a major public event, we can help notify public bodies.

Kleppestø Voluntary Center | Herdla Voluntary Center | BUA

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Teaching to groups and individual students in aesthetic subjects 

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Askøybragden | Volunteer Award | Kipekjerringa | Sports and cultural scholarships

Together about the local environment and meeting places! We help residents from all over Askøy to create meeting places in their local environment.

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Do you lack money for a good initiative? Check if there is a grant scheme that you can apply for.



Ungflimmer is an active youth culture center that has the main focus on young people being allowed to unfold creatively and build competence through various courses and activities.

More colors | Summer Club | The Cultural Carrier, the Schoolbag and the Walking Stick | Music binge

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