How to get married in Norway

To get married in Norway there are some requirements that must be met before you can contact the municipality and make arrangements for your wedding ceremony. Below you'll find instructions on where to start.


Start with the paperwork

To get married in Norway, the Tax Administration must check whether you meet the conditions for entering into marriage. If the conditions for entering into marriage have been fulfilled, the Tax Administration will issue a document known as a 'Certificate of no impediment to marriage.

This document is valid for 4 months after issue. All questions regarding the 'Certificate of no impediment to marriage' must be directed to the local Tax Administration. If you need any further information, the Tax Administration has useful information on their website,


Receiving the 'Certificate of no impediment to marriage' and planning your ceremony

Once you have received your certificate, it's time to start planning your ceremony. We regularly receive questions from couples who are wondering how to proceed. Below you'll find typical questions along with our answers. We hope that this can help to make your planning easier.

  • We have received our 'Certificate of no impediment to marriage', and would like to have a civil wedding ceremony at the town hall. How do we proceed?

Before we can set up a date for your civil wedding ceremony, we need the original document (or an authorized copy) of your "Certificate of no impediment to marriage".

If you have a preferred date for your day of marriage, we suggest that you inform us about this now. Either, you may send the 'Certificate of no impediment to marriage' together with your request for a ceremony date by post or personally submit the certificate to the Kundetorget at the town hall. Our confirmation of the date for your wedding ceremony will be sent by e-mail or letter.

  •  We haven't yet decided on a date for the civil wedding ceremony, is that a problem?

No, that's no problem. As soon as we have received the 'Certificate of no impediment to marriage', we will contact you to arrange the date for the ceremony.

  • How soon can we get married?

After we have received the 'Certificate of no impediment to marriage" there must be a minimum of 3 days before the wedding ceremony can take place. Please note that the certificate must be valid on the date of the wedding ceremony.

  • Is it possible to have the ceremony on a Saturday or Sunday?

Unfortunately, no. The municipality only offers wedding ceremonies according to a fixed plan.

  • How much does it cost to have a civil wedding ceremony?

A civil wedding ceremony is free of charge.

  • Is it possible for same-sex couples to have a civil wedding ceremony?

Yes, it is. Same-sex marriage became legal in Norway on January 1st 2009. A gender-neutral marriage bill was enacted after being passed by the Norwegian parliament in June 2008.

The wedding ceremony

  • Where does the wedding ceremony take place?

The wedding ceremony takes place at the town hall, Klampavikvegen 1, Kleppestø. Our ceremony room is situated on the 2nd floor. The ceremony room can accommodate a maximum of  20 guests. 

  • When should we arrive at the town hall?

You should be present outside the ceremony room 5-10 minutes before the ceremony starts.

It is important for the marriage ceremony to start on time as more than one ceremony may be planned on your wedding day.

  • Do we need to bring anything to the ceremony?

Your ID will be checked before the wedding, so you must have valid identification papers. Considered valid  re: passports, drivers licenses (issued in Norway) or debit cards with photo that has been issued in Norway.

Note that a national identity card from other countries are not considered valid ID. If you can't present valid identification will result in cancellation of the ceremony.

You must bring two witnesses, aged 18 or over, to the wedding ceremony.

  • We don't speak or understand Norwegian. What do we do?

If you don't understand or speak Norwegian, the ceremony can be conducted in English.
Couples that don't speak or understand either Norwegian or English, must bring an interpreter to attend the ceremony.

  • How long does the ceremony last?

We have reserved 30 minutes for each ceremony.

  • We would like to have a guest read a poem, accompanied by some music, during the ceremony, is that possible?

Yes, it is. Some couples bring recorded music to the ceremony. If you wish to do this, note that there is no hi-fi equipment available. You also have to be aware that you only have 30 minutes available for the whole ceremony.

  • We would like to exchange rings during the ceremony, is that possible?

Yes. Exchange of rings may be included in the ceremony. Please inform us on arrival if you want to exchange rings.

  • Is it possible to take photos during the ceremony?

Yes, it is. Both photography and filming is allowed in the ceremony room. Please inform us upon arrival about photography and filming.

  • How is the ceremony conducted?

First, your ID will be checked. The wedding party must wait outside the ceremony room until an officer invite you to come inside.

During the ceremony the following text will by read:


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